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To Erica, connections are the meaning of life: connections between strangers and with friends, to the world around us and within our own selves, and between fantasy and reality.

Erica combines multiple art forms, from writing to drawing to scenic design, to create the opportunity for meaningful experiences. She designs the prompt -- the place, the situation, the stakes -- and leaves it to you to make the connections.

Currently, Erica designs and creates new theme park experiences for Universal Creative and is pursuing her MFA in Creative Writing from Stetson University's MFA of the Americas.



Erica's life was once a series of unrelated experiences. One day in 2011, somewhere in the October breeze, she auditioned for a play and found the connection.

Erica became the Scenic Designer for Stanford Savoyards and created new places, and new worlds, for actors and directors to bring stories to life. "What if the audience were on this stage, too," she thought, "what if they could play out their own story?"

And that's how she found her place, and her worlds: theme parks, creative writing, and a new canvas for creating connections.




©2017 by Erica McCay

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